Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Visit the lost city Petra and explore its holy lands

Petra, Jordan is one of those areas that actually live up to the excitement. Petra, the capital city of the Nabataean, is one of the greatest famous archaeological dwellings in the world; it is located 120 km north of the Red Sea urban of Aqaba and 240 km south of the Capital Amman. Well, Petra is the place where you can get various hotels from cheap to luxury; also, the journey is not so much expensive. While there are several companies that provide organized tours of the site, you can also visit this place independently. However, if you visit with a tour company, you do not need to tense for any reason. So, it will be easy for you.

Details about Petra tour 

A complete town, Wadi Musa, has developed around Petra to assist tourists to the site. There are hotels and restaurants of all kinds and resources here, opening precise next to the guest’s center and widening up into the peaks. After arriving to Petra, you can stay at Petra guesthouse, or you can stay at Crowne Plaza hotels, these both hotels are situated near tourist spot across the street or if you wish, you can stay at the hilly places.

Petra World Heritage Place is the world heritage place. The Petra travel is a best habitation to visit. In recent times publicized, it is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Another place to visit is The Treasury (al-Khazna). Be prepared for the superb vision of this 2000-year-old, honoring which appearances like a Greek temple with a vase at the uppermost that was once imaginary to grip invaluable capitals. Another finest place to holiday at Petra is the Monastery. The Monastery is a motivating, but valued trek takes you to this amazing monastery, the main shrine in Petra.

For Petra travel, spring and autumn are the best times, because the temperatures are not so high and the visitors are lesser. Well, the ticket collection time is, 6.00 am to 6.00 pm and in the winter time 6.00 am to 4.00 pm. The less crowded times are naturally early morning and dawn afternoons. You can visit Petra at night also. Petra is open at night on Wednesday, Monday, and Thursday. Well, if you don’t stay at hotels then it’s tough to get lunch during lunch time. You can get some drinks shop and snacks shop here like, chips, chocolate, etc. In addition, the prices in the place incline to be a bit higher, so it is value keeping up with water.

Another important point is, Petra bounces over a huge 60 square kilometer zone and you’ll end up doing a lot of walking. But if you wish you can take camels, horses and donkeys for this purpose.


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