Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Come To Jerusalem and See the Unknown Wonders of the Holy City

Jerusalem is regarded as one of the most sacred cities of the world. People undertake pilgrimages to this city from all parts of the world. The Muslims, Jews and the Christians, all of them consider this place as holy. People undertake the tours of the city with a religious sentiment. Apart from this, the tours to Jerusalem are also full of excitement and renders extraordinary experiences to the visitors. There are locations of important historical significance which the tourists find very interesting. When you have a casual walk through the Jerusalem city roads, you can witness the ancient lifestyle practices still prevalent in this old city.

A not to miss Heritage Site

Jerusalem is counted among the oldest cities that are still in existence in the whole world. In this city there is a side by side coexistence of a culture that has come down through generations. Simultaneously, the modern day’s culture is also widely prevalent in this city. There are many ancient buildings which themselves speak out about their era. Also, you will find the multistoried high rise buildings that have come up at many locations. Since this city has received the Tag of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is now being maintained well to preserve the ancient culture.

Charismatic features of Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is divided into 2 parts-the older city and the new one. People of different religious faiths are staying in this city. There are mainly people of 4 types-the Jews, Christians, Muslims and the Armenians. The Christian sites of attraction are the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It is believed by the Catholics that Christ had been crucified at this place. In the Dome of Rock is a classic example of Islamic architecture. Near the Mount, a cemetery is present. Near to this lies the Garden of Gethsemane, where Christ had prayed for the last time before he was crucified.

Make proper planning for the tour

You need to pre-organize the tours to Jerusalem with the help of travel operators like Mantis Tours & Travel for having the trip in a trouble free manner. You may feel difficult arranging for every small thing by yourself in such a place. The expert tour operators will do the job for you. You can customize your tour package as per your choice and convenience. When you plan for the tour, do not go during the peak summer time. The sun is fierce and you will not be able to go around. The spring or the autumn period is best suited for the Jerusalem tours. The primary spots of attraction can be covered within 2 days period. 

Include Jerusalem if you are at Petra

If you are on a visit to Petra, another famous place in Jordan, make the most of it. Try to include Jerusalem in the itinerary. It is just about 160 km from Petra. Once you visit the city, you will get a feel of the religious aura and the sacred atmosphere of the place after returning from here. It is a tour that will be cherished by you forever.

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