Monday, 26 September 2016

The Must Know Features of Petra and Wadi Rum

Petra is the major tourist attraction in the nation of Jordan. It is situated 1430 km away from Amman, the capital of the country. Petra has become a proud member of the modern 7 Wonders of the World. The footfall to this place has increased significantly due to this.  The city of Petra was set up by the Nabateans, a group of Arabic nomads. They were highly laborious and had carved this city out of sheer rock. The entire credit for the culture of this place goes to the Nabateans. They had set up the placer as an important destination for trade and commerce in the ancient ages.

Get amazed by the striking beauty of Petra

You need the see the striking features of Petra and be awed. Unless you see it, you will simply not believe it. The entire city has been constructed from the rocks through carving. There are huge structures created from the rocks which may seem frightening at night. To get the full effect of the beauty of the city, you need to see the city during the different hours of the day. The views at night present a totally different feeling of eeriness. There are numerous tombs that present an absurd feeling and the place really takes you back in time machine to the ancient days.

Combine Wadi Rum tour with Petra

The tour to Petra is incomplete without visits to Wadi Rum. There are reliable tour operators in this country who conduct the joint petra and wadi rum tours. You can avail the packages they offer. Wadi Rum is around 2 hours away from the city of Petra. It is the valleys in Wadi Rum that are the main attractions of the tourists at this place. On reaching here, you get the flavor of the Bedouin culture. It is really interesting to spend a night at the Bedouin camps where you can spend the evening and night with experiencing the Bedouin styles of life. You will get authentic Bedouin cuisines at these places. The special Bedouin dishes are really delectable.

Try a customized tour package

You should try to avail the package tours of Mantis Tours & Travel for your petra and wadi rum tours. The combined tour will be pocket friendly and you will also not have to take the trouble of the arrangements yourself. They will also readily arrange for a customized package in case you do not prefer their pre-deigned packages. They will take care of you right after landing in the country till you are seen off.

Make your journey memorable

When you are Wadi Rum and Petra, you should collect some of the artifacts prepared by the local artisans. They have the Bedouin touch. They can serve as excellent mementos not only for you but also as sweet gifts for your loved ones. Camel safaris can be an exciting experience where you can go around the entire city and the outskirts on a camel. There options of balloon ride for getting to see the city from an aerial distance.


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