Sunday, 28 August 2016

Reasons Why You Have To Visit Petra

Flipping through some page of a travelogue can develop an urge within you to visit the new Seven Wonders of the World. The reason for this wish might be the incredible adventure that the author has shared, or it can be the images of the destination printed in high definition. If you are a traveloholic, this urge of yours in visiting the new Seven Wonders of the World will not be happening due to the travelogue. But, you will genuinely want to visit them because you know the secrets of that place. Recently, Petra is on the bucket list of many travellers.

Motivation for your visit

The motivation for visiting Petra can be many. A million years old city, still retaining the original pieces of art in spite of having natural disturbances is something that you would love to see. To an amaze, a 50 km city, having unending exploration sites with the walls, streets, and people replicating history with incredible pieces of art carved in the walls of the monuments made of sandstone cannot deny the architectural talent Nabataeans had. Another astonishing aspect is the entrance of the city, which is just a narrow gorge of 10 ft height and 1.2 km long called the Siq.

This relic is amazing. It could be a prime reason for you travel devotees to venture this Rose City.The nights at Petra are something different from nights of other places. The candle lit adventure is just not explainable until you visit it. The city has a fantastic bunch of friendly people all around welcoming tourists throughout the year. The safety prompted by the powerful Jordanian army will encourage you to tour Petra with Mantis Tourism & Attractions Company and enjoy the bizarreness of the historical place.

Discovering from being primitive to modern

There are no enough lists of reasons for you to visit this place. It can only be explored by you. The ground reasons lie in the history of the site. A city built by Nabataeans in around 312B.C. Only had its exploration in the 1812 A.D. Till late years when people around the world discussed science, natural concerns, political scandals, discoveries and international relations; life in Petra was still in cave houses. It is not very long when it got nominated as one of the Seven Wonders of UNESCO and people initiated to start their city life.

Nightlife adventure

Apart from the historical aspect, the night at Petra is another added reason for your visit to Petra. It is not like enjoying some night markets or venturing through some artificially lighted streets. Petra presents you a candle lit night walk. Starting from the Siq to Al Khazneh the architectures are lit by 1500 candles. This view can be enduringly attractive in your entire schedule of tour Petra.

Seeking travel advice

Avoiding the rain falls and the summers in Petra, it can be an anytime visit. The summers are exceedingly hot and monsoons mostly marked with flash floods.Few interesting travel advice can be provided to you from the tourist advisers. Visiting the place at its best time can help you experience the best of Petra.  


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