Thursday, 18 August 2016

How Jordan Is Trying To Reassure Tourists: Exploring Petra, Wadi Rum

Every day we get to hear about attacks and shootings all around the country. Newspapers were flooded with attacks in Israel, Iraq wars; law issues in Iran, etc. have made a psychological impact on people against Jordan. Recently, Siberian political issues are in the limelight. Jordan is surrounded by Egypt, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is therefore very natural for tourist to avoid the location as a vacation due to the issues of the neighbouring countries. Jordan, for some years, have been neglected as a tourist spot.

Suffering to meet both ends

Thinkers have pointed out that mishaps are unfortunate and can have no destination to happen. If you flip through the pages of a newspaper, you can find gun shootouts on any peaceful location. Business people from Jordan say that they are suffering to meet their ends as tourism is suffering greatly due to their neighbouring countries. They claim that Jordon has no attacks as they have one of the most powerful armies. But, tourists disregard the fact. It is like that safe place centring a ring of fire. But, governments have started working on welcoming tourists. Rather, after Petra was nominated as one of the Seven Wonders, travellers began to explore parts of Jordan.

Ways to boost tourism

On exploring Petra, some traveller had pointed out that the place was something like living history in the present. His version on visiting Jordan was more like having a brilliant climax with a poor start. Jordan has around six million people among whom many are refugees, but tourists are not taken to those places. The government has taken up few measures to encourage tourists. They are:

  •            The government has enrolled trained guides for the traveller. They guide the tourist to plan their trip as they know the places well.
  •             They have started ignoring visa fees and discharged departure taxes.
  •             They ensure visitor safety in has strengthened their army to resist attacks.
  •             They made sure that the refugees were kept separate from the main tourist places.

With all these steps taken, the government tries to improve the statistics of being a safe nation. This policy was the only strategy; Jordanian government could do for recalling tourists back to Petra and Wadi Rum.

Propaganda through media

Writing in magazines and online travelogues were another way to reassure tourists. However, the travellers who have already been to these places have helped a lot in instigating others to be sure for the Jordan visit. Petra, the rose city, reveals some extraordinary architecture, while, the land of Lawrence has some different history to share. Viewing them can only be some accomplishments for the fellow visitors. The cultures of Nabataeans and other religions that existed shared some intense knowledge of integrity.Moving with this propaganda Mantis Tours have initiated tourists to pack their bags for Petra and Wadi Rum with their exclusive travel packages.

No exaggerated portrayal

Finally, you may feel that writing magazines and exempting airport taxes were just the promotion. To be honest, anything written in these places will be less in comparison to the beauty of these locations. There are practically no words to describe their inherent natural glamor. The promotion is just to ensure tourists that they are safe. But, to be unfortunate if this present rate of statistics followed for next few years, Petra can no longer retain as the Seven Wonder.  


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