Sunday, 31 January 2016

Find an Alternative Family Adventure in Petra Wadi Rum Tour:

Wadi Rum Tours:

Wadi Rum is touted to be one of the most beautiful and spectacular desert landscapes around the world and the area is a perfect blend of red sand dunes, rock formations and serene environment that leaves a long lasting impression on all the visitors who have ever visited the place. A tour through the trails of Wadi Rum will give you a feeling of glorious history and feel the spirit of the place. One can explore the desert through jeep, camping on the sand, climbing or hiking the mountains or via a camel or horse trek. One can even go for a hot air balloon ride in the area and enjoy the aerial view of majestic city.

What a tour in Wadi Rum stands for?

Jordan’s Petra Wadi Rum and the closer located Rose Red City of Petra are a magical setting for all those who want to go for a trekking holiday in Middle East countries. Wadi Rum rises abruptly from the desert plains; the red ochre sandstones mesas are often touted to be one of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. The place was described as magnificent, vast, and echoing and God like by famous poet T.E. Lawrence. The trekking tour in Petra Wadi covers the hunting grounds of Bedouin, hidden canyons, rocky slopes and several summits of the big formations in Jordan. The trekking tour will also cover the highest peak of Jordan name Jebel Um Adaami (1832m).

While on your trekking holiday with family, you will need some easy scrambling in order to get the best view points. A professional guide always carries rope to safeguard the exposed sections. The tour can also be preceded via four-wheeler and it is imperative to visit the rock hewn city of Petra during your tour.

Is this holiday for your family?

The tour can be easily completed and covered in small day counts and you can easily cover the terrains of Wadi Rum in 4 to 5 days. The trek tour will include waling on desert trails, a ride through soft sand, scrambling on the Jebels etc. While climbing on the Jebels, you will be following the routes that are being used for generation by hunters and shepherds. While other continents and countries tourist spots cost a little higher while planning with the entire family, the Wadi Rums of Petra is an exceptional case. You will just need to shed a few bucks and enjoy the most glorious days of your life within sands and monastery.

If you wish to make the entire tour as well as stay in Wadi Rum and Petra a hassle free blessing then you must go for tour packages by Mantis Tours. They have been a renowned name for conducting tours in Jordan, Petra and Wadi Rums and their guides are well versed with the place and their culture. You will get to see all the highlights in least number of days and least expenses. Explore the city with experts and capture the memories of lifetime in yours heart.


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