Monday, 18 July 2016

Visit The Land Of Spirituality And Culture Along With Petra

Tourism brings the largest chunks of income for Israel. The country of Israel has a huge number of sites which have immense importance in relation to history, heritage and religion. It has been found as per statistics that highest number of footfalls are found in Western Wall and the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Jerusalem is the city which has maximum number of tourists. The largest chunk of tourists belongs to the US followed by other European countries. The country of Israel has the most Holy city in the world-Jerusalem which is considered sacred by people of three religions-Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Get a combined punch of Israel and Jordan

If you are travelling to Petra, the major tourist destination in Jordan, try to include Jerusalem in Israel in the itinerary. Try to get the most out of the israel petra tours, which will be an excellent blend of spirituality, culture and history. In Petra you will get to see a city entirely engraved from rocks with mammoth structures with towering heights which are bound to leave you bewildered. Petra has a rich history of more than 2000 years. The area was developed through the settlement of an Arab group of people wanderers by nature. They brought immense development of the region. They were responsible for the flourish of trade and business and turned the region as a major business hub. Petra used to serve as a trade link between the eastern countries.

Leverage the expertise of tour operators

Popular tour operators like organize exquisite israel petra tours,which has their branches both in Israel and Jordan. As an outsider you may face difficulties in organizing the tour program in different locations. You can very well take the assistance of thee experienced tour operators for setting up your program. They will not only arrange your travels, but they will take care of your each and every activity at Israel and Jordan. They will provide comfortable accommodations for you along with delicious food.

Feel yourself blessed at Jerusalem

Along with Petra, when you combine your tour package with Jerusalem, you get good value for money.  Jerusalem is an ancient city and it is divided into the Old City and New City. You get to see how modern culture coexists along with ancient traditions in the same city itself. There are huge modern apartments and also ancient mansions which tell the story of the by-gone era. The old city of Jerusalem has obtained the prestigious tag of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Millions of pilgrims visit Jerusalem every year. It is the religious tourism which is the main contributor to the tourism economy of the country.

Take the best from this tour

If you are planning for a visit to Petra remember to combine it with Jerusalem tour. Consider it as a lifetime opportunity. Petra is a member of the New Seven Wonders of the World group. Have pride in declaring that you have visited such a prestigious site. Israel too promises to give you an insight into the ancient history, heritage and immense spirituality. It can be guaranteed that you will cherish this tour for the rest of your life.


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