Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Visit To Petra And Wadi Rum Should Be Combined

Petra, the major tourist puller of Jordan is located at 130 kilometers from the capital city of Jordan, Amman. Petra has also obtained the tag of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This has led to the growing rush to this exciting destination. Petra is an ancient city which flaunts a culture brought about by the Nabateans, a group of laborious Arabs who gave this region a new identity with their magical touch in the field of architecture and trade and commerce. They had turned the city into a significant business link between India, China in the east with other countries like Egypt, Syria, Greece and many others.

Unravel the beauty of Petra

Unless you see the splendor of Petra, it is not to be believed. The city is totally carved from rocks and the immensely large structures being a feeling of awe when you see them in the fading lights of the sun. A single day will not be enough for you to explore the city in totality. The city has two major striking features-architectural heights coupled with natural beauty. You will get to see innumerable tombs, around 500 in the count which too are rock structures with complex carvings. The visit to the places fills you with an eerie feeling and transports you to the ancient times. There is a Roman theater of massive size which is a beautiful creation to see.

Get a taste of ethnic Bedouin culture

There are exceptional tour operators in this region who are offering petra wadi rum combination tours. It makes sense to avail these packages as a sole trip to Petra will be an incomplete exercise without witnessing Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is at a distance of less than 2 hours from Petra. The valleys of Wadi Rum are its immense beauty inspirers. You get a flavor of the original Bedouin culture at this location. On reaching Wadi Rum, you are taken to a Bedouin camp and spend the evening there. You are served dinner with a special traditional dish called Zarb. Meat is cooked along with rice and vegetables under the ground only filled by the sand layer.

Try availing the best-combined tour packages

If you avail the joint tours organized by travel operators like of petra wadi rum, you stand to gain a lot. Had you decided to see both the places individually, it would have cost more on your pocket. You also use the most of the available time effectively. It is quite unlikely that you will come back to this part of the globe again. So why not taste the beauty of both the places. The travel operators, if required also tailor-make your journey itinerary after discussions with you. They will be your custodian right from the initiation moment of your trip till the finishing point.

Have sweet memories of Jordan

When you are visiting these amazing places, collect meaningful souvenirs that would remind you of these regions when you back to your own country. Undertake certain fun, inspiring activities like jeep safari and camel safari or by riding a hot balloon for seeing the region from the top and having a holistic aerial view. Feel proud to have visited a place famed for being a member of the Seven Wonders of the World along with the ethnic Bedouin experience at Wadi Rum.


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