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How Tour To Jerusalem Are The Answers To Middle East Peace

Since the Second World War, Jerusalem has found itself in the eye of a storm. It is a melting pot of the three major religious communities. The place is of significance not only to the Christians and Jews but also to the Muslims. But the communities failed to reach a consensus to live peacefully, side by side. The prospect, in turn, affected the Middle East peace process. The religious dogmas and the historical perspective of the region came in the way. Consequently, the warring communities could neither share it nor divide it.

Hope in tourism

Plans to come to an amicable settlement might have met with a failure. The similar is true of the peace initiatives undertaken by the world, from time to time. Despite failures and disillusionment, there is a ray of hope. The professionals associated with the tourism industry are of the opinion that the tour to Jerusalem can boost the peace process. In fact, since 2000, there has been a noticeable surge in pilgrimage and educational trips. People, otherwise inhibited by religious barriers can come closer to one another, by means of trips, tours, and travels. Secondly, the so-called religious differences are likely to slither away, once people gain an insight into the three major world religions.

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Organizes contact programs

As a tourist, you will like to know that some of the leading travel and pilgrim facilitators are coming forward with contact programs. These programs are instructive in nature, and their purpose is to build the perspective of tourists so that they can appreciate and accept one another’s religious differences. Now, it is not difficult to understand how the tour to Jerusalem which is facilitated by the will have a proactive role to play in contributing to the cause of peace, harmony, and amity. The visitors may hail from the different religious communities, but once they see how the place upholds a fusion of varying beliefs and ideas, they will learn how to reorient their viewpoint.

Gives a realistic insight

The guides who lead the visitors and travellers through the different shrines and monuments are particular about explaining the real situation and significance. As a result, as a visitor, you can see things, in a new light and judge every aspect, with a realistic attitude. According to a leading authority of Israel’s National Tourist facility, tourism has increased by about thirty-five percent after the country signed a peace accord with Jordan. It is clear from the figures that the new peace initiatives have boosted the travel industry, in a significant way.

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Helps overcome inhibitions

The proverbially popular holy city which is of equal significance to Christians, Muslims and Jews should not be shackled by the religious inhibitions. Rather, it should be highlighted as epitomizing God’s eternal peace. It is needless to say that the travel industry will have a stellar role to play in highlighting the intrinsic essence of this country. The tour facilitators with their contact programs and informative insights can bring out the fascinations of this place, and thus highlight it as a harbinger of peace and harmony.

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