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Information on Petra Tours

Here is very important information about Petra Tours and travel:

1.      Petra Tours

In south-western Jordan, Petra is the ancient city of ruins in Edom. It is the former capital of the kingdom of Nabataea. The city lies at a distance of 130 km from Jordan. Petra tours are famous for the magnificent pink cliffs of sandstone. The place has earned sobriquets such as “Rose city” from besotted tourists.

2.      Book Now Best Petra Tours

The ancient conurbation of Petra has prolific tours and travel conductors. Book Now Best Petra Tours with to visit the exotic locales of the city. The organizers prepare the best itinerary with perfect accommodations. They arrange the most delicious cuisines for you to savor on during the tour. You create a memory that lives on forever.

3.      Superior Daily Tours to Petra‎

The daily tours to the world’s heritage site include a host of super amenities. It entails safari by the jeep and a grand Bedouin traditional dinner. The organizers arrange for tour guides and horse riding of 600 meters to the sites. Superior Daily Tours to Petraalso includes accommodation at 3-stars deluxe hotels.

4.      Petra Tours From Tel Aviv to Petra

The enchanting city of Petra can be visited from Tel Aviv. Petra Tours From Tel Aviv to Petra entails an early morning flight to Eilat. Transferring the border across, you reach Jordan. Then heading to the north brings you to Petra. Tourists flock at Petra to get a stellar view of the “rose city”.

5.      Petra Nights Tours Jordan

Petra Nights Tours Jordan, amidst the twinkling stars is a mystical experience. The organizers arrange a night tour to the Treasury from the Siq. You will genuinely be enamored to the walk on the candle-lit pathways as, the architecture and the history of the ancient city comes alive in the magical lights.  

6.      Petra from Israel: Tours to Petra from Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem"

The journey of Petra from Israel reveals the untold story of the lost city. There are organized group Tours to Petra from Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. This is a tour of 24 hours that entails leaving Jerusalem to reach Tel Aviv. Then further fly to Eilat crossing the scenic desert you reach Petra.

7.      Things I Wish I'd known before Visiting Petra, Jordan

Things I Wish I'd known before Visiting Petra, Jordan are as follows. You should chalk out the amount of time you want to spend exploring Petra. Then, make a decision about what would be the right moment and best way to reach the city. You must also evaluate costs and zero upon top sights to be visited. The arrangements for drinking, eating and what has to be brought along should be made beforehand. You should also assess the safety of the place before visiting and avoid unwanted purchasing. Lastly you should select a frugal place for staying at Petra.

8.      The Best Tours in Petra"

The Best Tours in Petra" entails the following. It includes majestic tours in the interior of the ancient city with exceptional tour guides. There is an all round city tour in and around the picturesque Aqaba and an adventurous ride on the horseback. It involves night tours on candlelit pathways from Siq to the Treasury and travel to the interior desert of Wadi rum which is famous for its caverns and canyons. The tours involve trips to the archaeological sites and deluxe camp at Bedouin to participate in their weddings. One of best tours also involves a jeep ride to the Wadi rum reserve of nature and a scuba diving trip in Aqaba. The journey to the Aron tomb and Jerash from Petra is also worthwhile.

9.      Petra tours from amman

Petra tours from amman are operated from the populous and capital city of Jordan by many tour conductors. The journey involves horseback riding, extended tour and free water in the bus. It includes lunch at an authentic eatery. The trip also includes enjoying the sights of tombs temples and monasteries simultaneously.

10.  Petra tours from Israel

You can visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra, from Israel. In fact, a reputable tour organizer can arrange the cheapest trip for you. You need to shell out minimum bucks for Petra tours from Israel during which you get free entry passes to the city. Visit Petra for an unbelievable experience.

11.  Petra day tour

You can explore Petra which is called the “lost city.” An excellent single day tour makes you witness landscapes that are wondrous. You also get to see the craftsmanship that is unparalleled during the Petra day tour. The tour operators arrange journeys for you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the old civilization.

12.  Petra nights tours

The Petra experience is incomplete without the night tour. You get to explore the ancient rocky city through the candlelight path. The tour organizers provide you an unforgettable experience by conducting the Petranights tours. The place illuminated with more than 1500 candles gives a spectacular view of the entire Siq.

13.  Petra tours from Eilat

Contact a reputable tour operator specialized in arranging Petra tours from eilat daily. They depart in small groups hence booking the tour beforehand is recommended. The tour operators further take you to Aravah border where the formalities and procedures for entering Petra are taken care of by the tour organizers themselves. They also provide you free breakfast and seasonal fruits as gift.

14.  Petra tours from Jerusalem

It is an exciting tour that enables you to experience the best. The Petra tours from Jerusalem entail visiting the remarkable cities of Amman, Petra and Jerash. You can expect a value tour of Petra. Your tour organizer will also arrange for Bedouin campsites to make your journey worthwhile.

15.  Best Petra tours from Jerusalem

The tour operators customize the whole journey from Jerusalem to Petra. The Best Petra tours from Jerusalem involve day trips along with weekday trips. The organizers arrange trips keeping the special interests in mind. Therefore they arrange culinary and archaeological trips. They also arrange religious and political trips to soothe your intellect.

16.  Petra tours from eilat mantis-tours

The Mantis tours are a very reputable and affordable tour operator. They are located at Eilat(Israel) and also have a branch at Amman in Jordan. They specialize in Petra tours from eilat mantis-tours. Their uniqueness lies in arranging pickup and providing seasonal fruits as gifts. They also provide customized souvenirs to tourists.

17.  Visit Petra tours in summer

There are soaring temperatures in the Petra region post April. Therefore the tour operators organize tours that involve less walking around during the day time. Visit Petra tours in summer afternoon to visit the monastery. The night time is dedicated for visits at the citadel and The Treasury. The operators arrange adequate water too.

18.  Amazing Petra tours by mantis-tours

There are many types of tours conducted by the Mantis Tours. Choosing the luxurious way of touring you get to stay resorts and castle hotels. You also get to spend joyous time at the Bedouin caves. Amazing Petra tours by mantis-tours also includes private tours, night tours and V.I.P tours to Petra.

19.  Petra tours on horseback

To make you journey worth remembering the mantis-tours arranges for a horse ride. You are picked up from your accommodation. Then you are made to experience a panoramic tour of the surroundings. After providing entrance fees they arrangePetra tours on horseback. The horseback ride is for the first 600 metres of the course.

20.  Petra tours from Istanbul

You can visit the majestic ruins of the city of Petra from Istanbul. The Petratours from Istanbul itinerary start from Turkey via Jordan and ends at Petra. You take a flight from the international airport of Turkey and then reach Jordan. From Jordan the tour operators arrange for a comfortable trip to Petra.

21.  jordanPetra tours from Israel

After having reached Jordan from Israel the tour operators make you cross the Jordanian border. The Jordan Petra tours from Israel are arranged in a way that does not burn a hole in your pockets. Tour operators offer free souvenirs and water during the Petra sightseeing. There are also arrangements for authentic breakfast and lunch during the tour.

22.  day night Petra tours by mantis-tours

There are trips conducted by tour operators both in the day and night.  The day night Petratours by mantis-tours is a very comfortable and joyous ride.The organizers at mantis arrange a day trip with free amenities like breakfast and water. Night trip includes the majestic trip to the candlelit path to The Treasury.

23.  Petra tours holiday package

The tour operators have come up with different holiday packages for different destinations. The Petra tours holiday package includes trips that start from as low as 185 dollars per adult and goes up to 685 dollars. The tour operators have commendable facilities like accommodations at handpicked hotels and night tours. There are also extended tours from various locations such as Amman and Eilat to name a few.

24.  Affordable Petra tours holiday package

There are a host of tour packages to choose from. The organizers design an itinerary that comprises single day and two days tour to Petra. Tour operators have affordable Petra tours holiday package. The affordable ones start from 185 dollars to 300 dollars. This is exclusive of the border fees at Jordan. It includes guided city tour and free souvenirs. The tour also includes authentic lunch and water.



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