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Enjoy Historical, Cultural and Mysterious Petra Tour with Mantis Tours

Is the “Rose City” beckoning you in your dreams? Then turn this dream into a reality by planning your next trip to Petra. The Petra basin derived this alternative name because it is surrounded by red colored sandstone hills. It is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Historical significance

The word Petra is derived from a Greek word “Petros” which implies rocks.  Plan your Petra tours with Mantis and check out their website for detailed information.

•    Original inhabitants

The Nabataeans who originally hailed from Arabia established this as a trade route between Greece and South Asia.  These were nomadic people who spoke Arabic. Although this was a desert region, these people were very efficient and hard working. They collected water from great distances and even managed to grow gardens. This marked the beginning of an incredible ancient civilization which you can catch a glimpse of remains during your Petra tours.

•    Modern day standing

It is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its importance in history and sensitive structure. This historical city has managed to mesmerize the people around the globe with its architecture.

•    Threatened Landscape

A most striking architectural structure is the Treasury.  It is believed to be more than two thousand years old. Continuous blowing of salt from the Dead Sea has a detrimental effect on these ancient structures.

•    Associated buildings

There are numerous tombs and monuments which were in most cases carved from the sandstone. The entrance to this magnificent city is through a narrow passage which is carved with sandstone and is named Siq.

Cultural side

Exploring this vast historic city on foot may be a bit challenging, so people rely on camels and donkeys for rides. During festivals and weddings, camel races are organized. They are quite popular sources of entertainment. A conventional indigenous form of art is oral poetry. It is considered as a matter of social prestige if you have a poet in your family.

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Mysterious side

This city was lost from the eyes of western world for a long time. It was a trading hub bustling with excitement and activity. It was the capital of Nabataean kingdom during this period. A lot of stories circulate the Treasury building. Some people think there are treasures hidden inside this monument. The presence of numerous tombs has led many to believe that this is a city with a large cemetery. According to archaeology, Petra was a developed metropolis belonging to the Hellenistic period.

Preservation of local customs

Petra is one of such proofs that it was a very influential area of the world during the Middle Ages.  This place will guide you through the historical journey of Middle East unlike any other place of the world. UNESCO is continuing with its work with the Bedouin tribes. Their objective is to ensure that local customs are preserved to the extent possible and they are not in way distorted by modernization and the increased impact of tourism.  This organization has assessed and identified many unstable, risky areas of many buildings in Petra and giving assistance to restore them.

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