Sunday, 4 October 2015

A guideline for Jordan and Petra tour

Petra is one of the main attractions in Jordan. This rock cut architecture steals the mind of tourists. Tourists who go to this place come back with amazed eye. Petra is a historic place and a story teller. UNESCO considered the place as the heritage place of the world. Jordan is consists of two attractions named Petra and Wadi Rum. Both of the places are adventurous and exciting. You can charge yourself up by roaming these places and enjoying the beauty.

Beauty of Petra is amazing

Tourists who go to this place must think themselves fortune. The rock cut architecture which was made by Nabataeans can still amaze the visitors. This place is made on the slope of Mount Hor. The rocks of the mountain are red in color which adds a different flavor to the beauty of Petra.  Another name Rose City is given to Petra according to its color and beauty. This amazing place has its own creations as well. The handicrafts also attract the tourists. They buy it as memory of the place. The lifestyle and foods are also has different flavors. Many creations are made in Petra with the rocks of the mountain and they tell the story of the survival of Nabataeans. If you are planning to visit Israel or Jordan then don’t miss Petra. Make a trip Jordan including Petra. Jordan Petra tour must be in your memory for the rest of the life.

Guideline to make a trip to Jordan and Petra

To make a tour at Jordan and Petra you will have to consult with a good travel agency. A reputed travel agency can guide you rightly in a trip. So to be tension free in whole trip you should select a renowned travel agency. Mantis-tours Jordan Petra tour can make your trip easy. Online travel agencies can be booked just by scrolling it. When you are following a travel agency then you should follow very carefully the packages and offers of the agency. It can make your trip cheap and good. The details of fooding, laudging and transportation costs are use to be given there. You should follow them carefully and then book the trip. Collect the contact number of the guide if that is given. Medicines should be taken carefully with you when you are going for the trip. You can check the climate of your destination and pack your luggage accordingly. Petra trip can be your greatest trip if it is arranged carefully.


Jordan and Petra are those places where you will be welcomed very well but you should be very careful to your luggage. If you are buying anything local from that area first ask your guide to be sure you are not cheated. Their food and lifestyle is totally of different flavor. You must try to taste them. These experiences will be there in your heart. You must go their art galleries and theatre. They are main attraction of Petra. So arrange a trip to Petra and Jordan. They are waiting with their beauties to welcome you.  


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