Friday, 2 October 2015

Make a tour to Petra and add some excitement to your life!

One of the attractions of Jordan is Petra. This destination never disappoints its tourists. Visiting the beauty of this place is a good opportunity for tourists. Petra is a place which is on the lap of Mount Hor. Rock cut architecture is it’s another attraction. Many shapes created by cutting the rocks of mountain are things to be seen. These creations are so amazing that can’t be forgotten by tourists in rest of the life. If you love to travel and Petra is in yet to be seen list then make your next trip only at this place. It must give you experience of the best travelling.

Travelling to Petra:

Petra is that place which is declared as world heritage site by UNECO. So the attraction of this place is very much clear to all.  This tourist spot is desired to go by almost every traveler. The adventures and heritages of this place are remarkable. But when you decide to go to this place you should do some home-work. You can book a travel agency to go with because travelling alone in a completely unknown place is difficult. If you are once misguided then it can be dangerous for you. So, being with guidance is always good. You can ask your known persons if any of them previously visited that place. Try to contact them and take the details. You can search one of many travelling agencies online. You will just scroll it and the detail of their package will be in front of you. You can choose one from those packages but before booking an agency the details should be followed carefully. Mantis-tours are one of those travel agencies which will show their detail online. This travel agency deals with Petra travel specially. These travel agencies give various kinds of offers. Different packages carry different facilities and categories of travelling. You can choose which matches to your desire.

Attractions of Petra:

Petra is attractive to visitors because of the beauty it’s rock architecture. These stones are red in color and because of that Petra is called Rose-City. Art gallery and carved theatre are mostly attractive to tourists. The artistic creations on the rocks of the mountain are amazing. The creativity can make visitors spellbound. The food of Petra is also nice. There are many tombs in Petra and every of them has own beauty. Petra is made on the slope of the Mount Hor by Nabantaeans. This place tells the history of the survival and creation of Nabantaeans. This historical place should be well explained by the guide of “Mantis Tourism & Attractions” to make the Petra travel meaningful.


Travelling to Petra must be in your list now. If you didn’t make the plan of these vacation yet then it can be your plan for this year. Choose a good travel agency and pack your luggage. Don’t forget to carry your camera. In future you will definitely miss this place and the pictures will console you then. Petra will be a memorable trip for you.   


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