Thursday, 3 March 2016

Israel Petra tours – An opportunity to explore different culture and tradition

Israel is undoubtedly among world's most beautiful countries and being home to Jerusalem, it is visited by numerous tourists. Israel Petra itineraries are among the most sought after one as the latter is located close by and has remained a keen subject of interest among travelers. Here is a simple travel itinerary that you can follow if you are planning an Israel and Petra trip soon.

Start with Aqaba:
Before you reach Petra, Aqaba is the place you can't miss! From scuba diving and snorkeling to amazing sites like the Aqaba Castle and Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, Aqaba will throw you a surprise at every corner. But most Petra tours will include a brief visit in this port city which has some great beaches so make sure that you pick out the attractions you visit on the Israel Petra Tours beforehand.
Next Stop: Petra, the guided tour:
Mantis Israel Petra Tours have a convenient service where they pick travelers from the hotel and provide them with seasonal gift fruits. The routine is amazing as it is enthusiastic so you can begin your routine with some delicious fruits and have the convenience of being driven around.  Since Petra is in Jordan, you will have to cross the border with complete legal and travel assistance of the allotted Jordanian representative. 

The beautiful Wadi Rum, Wadi Arabia and the glowing deserts of Petra:
Calling Petra beautiful would be an understatement. The city famously referred to as half as old as time is well known for its sandstone buildings and architecture. From the beautiful canyon Siq that gives you the way in to the city to the wonderfully grand Treasury; the city has an array of places that you should visit. Enjoying a guided tour is just the most amazing thing anyone could every do in Jordan so take the guide along and get to know about the majestic architecture of the city that has been abandoned and ruled time and again.
If you want a wonderful view from atop the hill then visiting the town in proximity, Wadi Musa, is recommended. However, other than the amazing view, there is nothing much to look forward to. The city also has an enchanting street of facades which is a vast canyon adorned with numerous tombs. Another beautiful carved monument which is often said to be the most beautiful among all in Petra is the Monastery. Said to be as old as 1 AD, the Monastery has some great interior architecture too.

Another must visit are the Royal Tombs which you can walk to all the way from the Roman Theatre. Petra by Night which really lightens up the city at night is also a must visit for anyone looking for the perfect Bedouin experience.

It's always recommended to go with a guide since understanding local language might be a struggle for some. Once your Petra expedition is over, you will be driven back to your hotel in Eliat. 


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