Thursday, 3 March 2016

Take a Petra and Wadi Rum tour in South Jordan

Located a little farther than 100kms apart, Petra-Wadi Rum is among the most sought after destinations in South Jordan. Isolated from the bustling life of Jordan, Wadi Rum is a quaint getaway that can really revive your senses. Inhabited by Bedouin nomads, the place is quite beautiful and unspoiled. Close to Petra, it makes a perfect travel location if you planning a brief tour in south of Jordan.
Desert camp in Wadi Rum at sunset time, Jordan

Getting in might be hard but hiring a proper guided tour service for Petra and Wadi Rum will easily get you access to the beautiful place. It is reachable from Aqaba if you are travelling from Israel and also from Petra if you are already in Jordan. Road connectivity makes it easy to get to so hiring a driver to drive you around in a private or a group tour is a practical recommendation. With no fancy infrastructure, Wadi rum is really just home to some delightful sites like the Lawrence's House, several Pillars of Wisdom, Shalalah Spring, Umm Fruth Rock Bridge, Jebel Burdah, Khaz'ali Canyon, etc.

Scenic view of the Jordanian desert and camp in Wadi Rum

With bounty of amazing sites to visit, the place has a special grandeur and extensive cultural history. Appearing all red to the naked eye, Wadi Rum appears to be a beautiful cocktail of sites that visiting with a local guide will make you learn so much more about Jordan's History. Much like Wadi Rum, Petra is glowing red too and the city is even well known for its wonderful sandstone grandeur. While desert remains to be the greatest Wadi Rum attraction, there are some activities that Mantis Petra and Wadi Rum tours organize that you simply can't say not to. Accommodation is available through the classic Bedouin tents while travelers can relish the wonderful and perfect Jordanian food at the small restaurants in Wadi Rum.


After the Wadi Rum tour ends, travelling to Petra is easy as it only takes less than couple hours of drive to get there. Known for the amazing ruins and the red sandstone structures, Petra is a marvel in itself! You can enter through the Siq that bears some grand patterns on the interior sides. Soon as you exit this entrance into the city, you will see the Treasury which is the main attraction of this ancient city. Other destinations include the street of Facades, Monastery, the Roman Theater (surprisingly, it was built during by the Nabataean and further developed under Roman regime).

A local event called the Petra by Night is organized on fixed days so if you are keen on enjoying the beautiful architecture of the city by night then getting tickets through the tour operator will surely help. The nearby Wadi Musa is also known for its amazing panoramic view of the city so if you are a visual arts or photography enthusiast then trekking uphill is a must. Coming back from the rear route will give you access to viewing several sites that mainstream tourists end up missing.

Petra and Wadi Rum are surely among the most magnificent Jordanian destinations that you shouldn't skip.



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