Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Vital facts on a Petra travel

Petra has always been among the top travelling destination of people’s list. However Jordan is different to a few of the places that are at the top of such a list is that it is fairly uncomplicated and not all that expensive. There’s lodging varying from tented campsites to resorts with five-star rating, there’s first-class public transportation or it’s straightforward to drive on your own, it’s secure & the people are amazingly friendly. So which is the finest way for those keen on visiting Petra? While there’re ample companies offering organized tours to Petra, it’s also an unproblematic place for visiting independently.

In the section below are some facts on Petra travel that include the closest hotels for putting up in, the finest times for visiting, and even the finest places for stopping for a drink following a lengthy day of traveling around.

Where to stay?

Wadi Musa, a complete township, has grown about Petra for serving tourists to the site. There’re hotels of every type and budget here, beginning right beside visitor’s centre and going upward into the mountains. Most nearby the way in are the Petra Guest House & Crowned Plaza hotels. While these are immediate neighbors of Visitor’s centre the Move pick is just across the lane. However if you do have a car all hotels at a distance on the hillside, an example of which is Rocky Mountain Hotel, offers excellent value and have eye-catching valley views.

Getting to Petra:

For those who have put up at Wadi Musa Petra’s either a brief stroll away while the hotels that are located further out frequently run a complimentary transportation down to visitor’s centre. Apt from these there’re ample taxis that wait outside Visitor’s centre, particularly during the afternoons. For those driving their way to Petra, there’s a complimentary car park right opposite the bus stoppage facing Petra Moon hotel. This is also the bus stoppage where you have the option of catching JETT buses to Aqaba & Amman if you’re availing a public transport.

Price of tickets:

Petra is among those places where the greater lengths of time you stay for the better value you get. While the cost of a one-day ticket is JD50/ person that of two-day tickets are only JD55 and that of three-day tickets are JD60. While these prices apply for those staying in Jordan those on a day excursion and not staying for the night has to pay JD90. Children aged below 15 years are not charged any entry fee.

The time for visiting:

The finest time for mantis-tours -Petra travel is during the spring & autumn season as during such seasons the temperatures do not climb that high and crowds also remain smaller

The office for tickets stay open from 6 am through to 6pm during the summer season and from 6am through to 4pm during the winter season. The times when it is the quietest is during the early morning hours & late afternoon hours. Petra also stays open overnight on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays and this is time for doing night tour of Petra. 


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