Sunday, 3 April 2016

Explore the spectacular desert valley on Jordan Petra tour

There’re several tour operators who organize Jordan Petra tours staring from Israel and one of the finest among them is However one must be very cautious when making a reservation of Petra tours online and for double checking the credentials of the tour operators. is never going to compromise on your tour quality.

The Petra tours of a day from Eilat of this operator remain the finest option for those visiting Petra from Israel. However with the rise in entry fees to Petra for day trips an increasing number of clients have started joining the tour of two days of this tour operator.  The two day tour that is the most demanded for is its Petra & Wadi Rum excursion from Eilat. This is a tour that has been running on a daily basis for more than a few years and it continues being massively popular with most visitors. The additional 2 Day Petra trips of this tour operator are focused exclusively on Petra & cover its trendiest attractions. Trips of Petra from Eilat of a couple of days have always been the superior option and they’ve become more interesting than ever before.

 People who reserve tours with this tour operator can also make the most of its very unique rates for hotels & domestic air travels in Eilat and all the way through Israel, Egypt & Jordan. The finest hotel deals of this tour operator are kept aside for every tour participant.

Petra day excursion from Eilat:

Desert Tours has consistently been the most preferred choice for tourists to Petra & Jordan from Israel. All tours of are exclusively Desert Tours and this tour operator does not put its Petra tour customers collectively with any additional tour company. Making a reservation with this tour operator implies a premature launch for making it to & right through the border and evading the inevitable holdups that the additional companies face. In this way all clients of get around an hour head of touring Petra. The permanent Jordanian trip staff of this tour operator is picked by the company and they operate as per the guidelines of the company. Besides having the finest guides to explore the spectacular desert valley on Jordan Petra tour also uses the services of the top bus company of Jordan for greatest comfort during the route.

On the particularly hectic days those on mantis-tours- explore the spectacular desert valley on Jordan Petra tours are provided with supplementary guides. The participants are also divided into smaller clusters to guarantee a better-quality tour experience for all and sundry.

This tour operator operates a great assortment of Petra trips, among which the majority run on an everyday basis and the experienced staff of the company are committed to offering the finest possible trip to all visitors.

On the two-day Petra & Wadi Rum tours of this company a whole day is spent exploring the best parts of the impressive Wadi Rum  in 4x4 vehicles with air conditioning that are driven by the local staff of the company who speak in Bedouin English.


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