Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Book a Tours & Enjoy the Desert Adventures to Petra and Wadi Rum

A visit to Petra will never be complete if you do not stop for visiting the place Wadi Rum, best known for is gorgeous and exquisite landscapes. The tour operator will head you out to Jabal Rum Bedouin camping site, the best and biggest Bedouin camp of the place. The unique feature of the place is the welcoming drink and the delicious dinner which will be baked under the yellow sand (Zarb). The most significant feature of this tour is the night show hosted at the Jabal Rum camping grounds. The accommodation facility in the Jabal Rum will be arranged in modern tents with all the amenities. The beds provided within the tent are elegant and above all, most importantly - the trip guides are very friend like and have high command over various foreign languages. The tour generally ends with a ride jeep safari along the nature reserves of the place. 

Making a selection of best tour operator is a must

Mantis Tours- Petra and Wadi Rum has a very high level of individual services that they offer and they never miss any minute details. They will never give you chance to complain on anything. This unique strategy of the tour operator makes the Petra and Wadi Rum tour a perfect and a wonderful experience. The tour operator provides a very attractive and unique rate in every sector ranging from hotels, domestic air fares, vehicles, food and even in the visa registration segments.

The official representatives will pick the tourists from Eilat and they will provide the best fruit of the seasons as a gift. The professional representative team waits in Jordan and they take the tourist for the guided tour. They take the tourist to the best restaurants and camps and they take a vital care in following the entire planned tour itinerary previously proposed to the tourist.

Professional skill of the travel agency

The tour offered by this travel agency is one of the best available options for every tourist. The main specialty of this agency is their method of conducting wonderful tours and previous experiences in this field. A booking with this travel agency will help you to keep yourself hassle free as the have professionals in every fields who generally deals with the documentation purposes and don’t make you worried.

The vehicles facilities

This tour operator deals the best in organizing Petra trips. This travel agency never makes huge groups. They generally prefer small sized group as it don’t look like a crowd. Trips are sent on daily basis. The vehicles are provided along with drivers who communicate in Bedouin English language. All the vehicles used by this agency for taking trips are air-conditioned as they use the service of top bus company of Jordan to offer best comfort during the tour.

Important notice

From 1st January 2016, it is mandatory for each traveller travelling to Jordan from Israel to make their visa well before time.

This travel agency provides the cheapest rate and makes your tour economical. They also take care in arranging your visas within 2-3 day time at a very cheap rate.


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