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Visit Temple of Petra- Blend Of Architectural Finesse And Mystery By Israel petra tours

Petra is a site of historical importance in the south of Jordanian governorate Ma’an.  It’s a city with a rich culture of architectural finesse. The main feature of this wonderful place is the architecture mainly on rock-cuts and the system of water conduit. The place is also known as the Rose City for the colour of stones from which the site is carved out.

This city is situated in the borderland region between Arab and Syria. UNESCO has declared it as UNESCO World heritage site since 1985. The elegant beauty of this place has earned it a place in New 7 Wonders of the World list in the year 2007. This place is described as one of the 28 places to see before you die in many articles.

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This place has got a significant history - acquaint yourself with it

Even the deadly earthquakes were not enough to destroy the legacy of the site. The majestic building of treasury at this city gives us an evidence of the royal living of the people used to reside there. This city was an important city which flourished trade and commerce. Petra’s legacy was harmed when devastating earthquake affected the city in AD 663. Water supply system was completely destroyed resulting people to move away from this centre. Gradually the significance of this city got diminished and it completely faded away from the scene after the invasion of Saladin at 1189.

The city again came to centre when Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, the Swiss scholar who visited the place, which was then currently inhabited by the Arab Bedouins. Since then extensive research works were carried out there from time to time and the place gained its lost prominence. World famous directors later also featured this place in their movies like Steven Spielberg and others.

Excursion with the agency and you get an exquisite feel

Mantis Tours-Israel Petra tours are the best local trip program currently in this industry.  The agency take small groups regularly from Eilat to Petra and its highly recommended that you book your trip in advance with us. Generally people are more inclined to single day excursion program. But they can also suggest you the two day program of Petra and Wadi Rum. You get a taste of Bedouins lifestyle, with delicious traditional Bedouin dinner (Zarb) accompanied with the serene jeep safari to magnificent nature reserve of Wadi Rum. In our two day program you will also get enough time to visit the most important monument – the monastery.

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Israel Petra tours have also added some exquisite features so that you can enjoy the Eilat. The agency arranges cruise in a yacht or in a glass-bottom boat in the Red sea. They also request you to use the newly introduced scuba diving facility.

Important notice
From 1st January 2016, it is compulsory for every tourist travelling to Jordan from Israel to have their visa well before time.

With this agency you don’t need to worry and can be hassle free. They take special care in arranging visas for the tourist at a very attractive price.


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